From hand-made crafts to Instagram, the drive to produce something that's authentic – or just feels it – has also made it way into the world of stock media. We spoke to microstock photographic library Fotolia to find out what trends it's seeing in what its customers are buying and

"For the last few years, highly colour-saturated images with the models looking right at the camera in a clearly staged scene have been consistent bestsellers," a spokesperson told us. "Recently, the trend is moving away from these crafted scenes towards scenes which seem somehow more natural, almost casual."

One example of this cited by Fotolia is with the often-used 'woman with headset' customer service concept shot. The shot below has been popular in the past, but recently sales of shots such as the one at the bottom have overtaken it.

Also growing in popularity are shots that combine photography with integrated CG graphic elements, such as the one below. Fotolia notes that these have proved popular with small business customers, who are building them into pre-created, industry specific website templates offered by hosting companies – templates that could be a threat to smaller creative agencies.

To help users discover future trends, Fotolia has a Best Sellers page, which can be broken down by day or week.