Creatives looking to improve their printing and digital imaging skills will have the chance to learn from the experts at four Epson Print Academy classes offered in association with aspect2i.
Following the success of Epson Print Academy classes held in previous years, Epson made the decision to reintroduce Epson Print Academy in 2011 with a series of new training classes. Hosted at Epson’s headquarters in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, Epson says that the classes will provide real-life practical advice on image capture through to print, with expert guidance from highly-knowledgeable Epson staff and acclaimed photographers.
The first of the classes, The Perfect Black and White Print, led by leading UK black and white digital printing expert, Paul Gallagher, will give delegates an understanding of a simple workflow to obtain superb black and white prints from your Epson printer. With over 25 years’ experience of producing black and white prints both in darkrooms and digitally, Paul will cover topics such as scanning black and white negatives, the simple controls in Photoshop for black and white, and mastering the Epson Advanced Black and White print driver.
Mike McNamee, editor of Professional Imagemaker magazine, leads the second academy class, Making Perfect Exhibition Prints. Mike brings his expert experience in colour reproduction to the session which will explain, in detail, the steps and tricks to be utilised for exhibition-standard print creation from your Epson printer. In his position as an international print judge, Mike is well-placed to advise on the key techniques for achieving a winning print.
Confidence with Colour is the third class being offered to provide expert knowledge on the fundamentals of image capture, image processing and print workflow. Unleash your creativity no matter type of photography you enjoy under the guidance of course leader Jonathan Briggs, Editor of The Photographer – the official magazine of the British Institute of Professional Photography. Class-goers will learn from the expert’s 14 years' experience of printing and colour management techniques. The class will explore colour perception, working with rendering intents, the use of ICC output profiles to print and best practice on camera with the final print in mind.
The fourth of the classes, Fine Art Photography, explores the meaning of art photography, capturing the perfect image, understanding and using light and colour as well as depth of field, and approaches to composition. From taking the photograph through to printing it, the class will also cover key techniques for Photoshop manipulation, media choice for printing, and a look into the current offering of borders, a review of mounts and frames, led by seasoned experts John Humphrey and Sue Bishop. John, an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society whose pictures have been featured in such exhibitions as the London Salon of Photography, brings his expertise in close-up, floral and abstract studies. Sue, leading UK flower photographer and author, and founder  of Light & Land photographic tour company will teach class attendees to look beyond the subject to colour and form.

More info on the classes can be found here.