What emotions are you tapping into in your art and design work?

Photo: Chris Davis

What emotions are you evoking in your projects? Tell us to enter and creative director Dan Rubin will build a library around it – and you could win a year's Creative Cloud subscription and a canvas of the chosen images.

The best design projects evoke powerful emotions in the viewer – bringing the brand behind them to life in a way that resonates as well as informs. Key to this is often great use of photography and illustration – aspirational or authentic, exciting or maddening, joyous or threatening – and we want to hear from you about what emotions you want your work to induce.

To celebrate the launch of Adobe's brand new stock imagery offering, acclaimed creative director and photographer Dan Rubin (above) is hand-picking libraries of the company's best images - and he wants you to tell him what emotions he should base them around.

Tell us what emotional concepts you want your best work to evoke – and what emotions Dan should be curating these collections around – and you'll be in with a chance to win a Creative Cloud subscription along with one canvas of the final imagery from your chosen emotion. 

Dan will be picking the top five emotions suggested by Digital Arts readers, and the reader that suggests one of those five will win (if more than one reader suggests the emotion, we'll pick a winner at random from them).

Get involved

Nominating your chosen emotion is incredibly simple. You can:

Tweet us the emotion to @digital_arts using the hashtag #AdobeStockEvokes

Leave a reply on this Facebook post


Comment below on this story. (Ensure you login using Facebook or Twitter so we can contact you if you win)

This competition is open to UK and Ireland residents.

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock offers you a content library of over 40 million outstanding images that are also seamlessly integrated with the tools you already use.

There's a huge breadth of photography and other imagery available on Adobe Stock, from hikers in Nepal (below) to the work of graffiti artists in London – and Adobe will be expanding its collections in key categories in the coming months.

Images on Adobe Stock are available at a single size for one great price. You can licence images individually, or subscribe to an annual plan. If you sign up for the 10-images-per-month plan, any you have left at the end of the month will automatically roll over to the following month (for up to a year) – unlike most other monthly stock subscription plans.

If you are a Creative Cloud member, you can launch Adobe Stock directly within CC desktop software such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator – as well as Premiere Pro and After Effects – add watermarked images to Creative Cloud Libraries, and then access and work with visual assets across multiple desktop tools. When you're ready to license the image for finished work, you can do it directly within the desktop software you are working in.

Creatives can both buy and sell photography through Adobe Stock – and you can licence images from the service even if you're not a Creative Cloud subscriber yet.

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