D'oh! Simpsons infographic shows how bad the series has become

When did The Simpsons jump the shark for you?

Was it back in season ten, when episodes suddenly had Homer gossiping with Kim Basinger and other celebrities in pointless cameo roles? Or season 11, when Bart takes on alien horse jockeys of all things? 

The next question to ask is what's the worst episode from the show's declining run over thirty years; well, the answer to that question is revealed by a rather nifty infographic published on data platform Tableau this month.

Created with a collection of IMDB scores for the animation's 679 episodes to date, we learn from the data set that the lowest of the low is Lisa Goes Gaga. That's the twenty-third season ep starring Lady Gaga in yet another of the gratuitous celebrity cameos that have killed the show dead. Also learnt is that, no surprise, the cartoon has declined in quality over the decades, heights of 8s and 9s dropping to an average baseline of 6.5 and lower (the Gaga ep is rated a 3.9.)

And for those wondering what's the highest rated episode to date, that would be Homer's Enemy on 9.3, the season eight story starring poor old Frank Grimes. Check out all the other scores on Hannes Benne's interactive infographic here.

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