In an age of digital downloads, physical albums have to use creative use of packaging to stand out. The debut album by Brighton-based indie band Cave Painting features a concertina of die cuts that builds up into an intricate tunnel in the shape of the band's logo.

Different versions of the die cuts appear on special edition packaging for both the vinyl and CD versions of the Votive Life (below and above respectively).

The design was inspired by Japanese paper engineering and binding techniques. It was art-directed by music-focussed agency The Creative Corporation.

"After initial discussions with the band it was clear that the identity and packaging should reflect the band's understated but emotive music," says Scott Jones, creative director. "We wanted to produce something simple that conveyed a feeling of depth and considered beauty."

To promote Votive Life, the designers also created 500 hand-folded origami CD packages (below).

You can listen to a stream of the album on Soundcloud.