Creative studio Omnibus' brand identity for We Said Enough fights back against sexual misconduct

Sexual misconduct within academic and employment settings was examined through intense media attention over the course of 2017 – but has it led to tangible legislation change? A non-profit organisation was created to develop tools and push legislation to combat systemic harassment in California politics. It's called We Said Enough, and California-based Omnibus Creative Studio was given the task of launching its minimalist yet powerful, brand identity.

We Said Enough was founded late in 2017, a timely action considering the wave of sexual allegations and stories of abuse that emerged throughout that year, including the #MeToo movement and high profile actors accusing Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment and rape.

It’s no surprise then, that We Said Enough also gained widespread praise and media attention (just look at their huge list of press links), and it’s co-founder Adama Iwu landed a spot on the cover of Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. As a result, a group of women leaders in the politics in the state of California signed on to an op-ed with the goal of addressing systemic harassment in the workplace, and pledged not to tolerate perpetrators or their enablers.

The non-profit partnered with Omnibus to create its initial brand packaging, including a website, app and business cards.

The We Said Enough app facilitates a community of volunteers and activists who can provide immediate social support to victims of sexual harassment, abuse and bullying.

The website publishes stories of women who have shared their experiences and trauma (with all identities protected), as well as providing resources for women who need to speak with someone confidentially, and a chance for anyone to donate. Because the non-profit was only launched a few months ago, we suspect the currently minimalist website will have more features added in the coming months.

The Omnnibus brand design for We Said Enough pairs bold, simplistic typography with a bright, variable pink slash icon to convey a sense of strength, defiance and urgency. The website homepage depicts a black-and-white photograph of a hand in the position of ‘stop’.

Omnibus designs brand identity, print, packaging, web design and social media strategy, working with clients such as Lee, Dickies and New York Fashion Centre Fabrics.

You can chose to donate to We Said Enough here.

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