Coca-Cola goes into the red with a brand new redesign

Coke puts the red into redesign with a new look for its signature brands.

Santa can now enjoy the healthier version of his favourite drink even more, knowing it's bright and red as his outfit of choice. Christmas has definitely come early for those who prefer the iconic look of classic Coke but worry about all the extra calories, as both variations of the black stuff now share an all-red design, with Coca-Cola zero sugar delineated by a black strip across the top of bottles and cans.

The redesign comes as part of a strategy to encourage more people to try Coca-Cola zero sugar, and comes with the above ad campaign that makes nifty use of mirrored visuals to show that both drinks are essentially the same product.


The new cans will be rolled out in September, giving plenty of time for Santa to stock up for the big day (it's too early to talk about Christmas, we know).


Robert Sherrill said: So in other words they're now trying to trick you into picking up the wrong bottle.

Jasca Ducato said: It seems more likely (to me, at least) that they're preparing for a time when "full-fat" soft drinks are no longer profitable and they drop them from production. By homogenising the different brands they can limit any potential customer backlash as people will think that "both drinks are essentially the same product."

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