Coca-Cola's Christmas campaign rolls out with new advert and a classic Santa

Holidays are coming, and Coke is here with a new ad campaign and Christmassy branding.

Coca-Cola is certainly keeping things fresh this year. We had a rebranding in the summer, the launch of new flavours like Exotic Mango, and even talks of them entering the cannabis-infused drink market. But it seems impossible to let go of the old traditions it seems, as the soft drink giant is once again on our screens with the perennial Holidays Are Coming advert, this year spruced up with a few new scenes at the start and finish.

It's all about the Coke truck as you can see, and this year the big festive vehicle will be bringing UK drinkers a chance to sip a limited edition cinnamon flavoured Coke, with jolly old Santa giving us a smile in some classic-looking art.

If Coke really does enter the cannabis-infused market, then maybe next year we'll have a Jolly Green Giant-looking Santa on our cans.

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