Celebrate all those times brands took a stand (for good PR)

A new exhibition is chock-full of virtue signals.

One of London's best kept secrets has to be the Museum of Brands. If you've yet to pop along, then a new show in March marks an ideal opportunity to visit.

When Brands Take a Stand is an exhibition exploring some of the most debated advertising campaigns last decades, ones that took a stand for causes such as diversity, environmentalism and human rights.

Whether the brands behind them did so for good PR or genuine philanthropy, we'll let you decide as you absorb the TV commercials, posters and packaging included in the show.

Chris Griffin, CEO at the Museum of Brands says, "We present the debate between brands, people, culture and society, and how these interact with each other. Brands and advertising agencies have a platform to influence, and with that comes responsibility. This initiative dives into these complex relationships."

The show asks what visitors happens when a frozen food brand takes a stand against palm oil production – as Iceland did with the below short about an orangutan, popular enough to be made into a kids' picture book – or when a sports brand like Nike 'fights' for equal rights.

Cadbury's also make an appearance with their 'Donate Your Words' campaign, removing branding from packaging to highlight the lonely plight of the elderly.

Another chocolate brand, Maltesers, is applauded for their wonderful series of ads featuring disabled actors in everyday situations; Bodyform's equally progressive 'Blood Normal' series is showcased for its normalisation of menstrual blood. 

When Brands Take a Stand
runs at the Museum of Brands from 10 March 2020 to 31 October.

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