Brian Cox-branded beer brings Big Bang beauty to booze

The TV physicist has added an interstellar touch to a new beer named Cosmic Brew.

Chalk this one up with the many mysteries of time and space: TV physicist Brian Cox has branded a beer, and it comes with the interstellar touch you'd expect from the TV physicist.

The beer comes as part of a new series from JW Lees, the Manchester-based brewery and pub company, including Cosmic Brew, which was a collaboration between Professor Brian Cox and the company. By using typography inspired by sci-fi comic book graphics, Cosmic Brew looks very different to the other craft beer fare out there on the shelves - and its design comes from a very unique concept indeed, relating to Brian's birthday.

“The pattern of the stars on the label is the view of the night sky looking North over the brewery on the day I was born; March 3rd, 1968," Brian revealed at the beer's launch. "It’s what I would have seen had I looked out of the window.

"There’s a fact for the pub quiz.”

The design was organised by management consultancy meets creative agency Squad, who've also handled for JW Lees a seasonal range of beers that pay homage in their designs to some of the greatest bands to have shaped the Manchester and UK music scene e.g. Oasis and New Order. How many more can you spot below?


One of the beers is named after a famous Buzzcocks song, and in that spirit, may Pete Shelley rest in peace.

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