The Best of 2012: Interviews

Here at Digital Arts, we're lucky in that we get to speak to some of the world's greatest creative minds: designers, artists, animators, typographers and others who produce work that leaves you inspired with its brilliance.

Below we've collected seven of our favourite interviews from the past 12 months, which include the likes of Marion Deuchars explaining why everyone needs to get involved in art, Noma Bar and Anthony Burrill looking back over their careers, Johanna Basford detailing how personal experiementation is the key to success with clients, Bruno Maag on designing a typeface that can let you say anything in almost any language, Craig Ward taking 'known truths' to task and Ben Grossmann on what it feels like to win an Oscar.

Noma Bar

The Israeli illustrator and creator of one of the nominations for the Design Museum’s Designs of the Year 2012 tells us the five things that have had the most impact on him and his career.

Read our interview with Noma Bar here

Johanna Basford

The illustrator reveals how important it is to create self-generated projects to win new work.

Read our interview with Johanna Basford here

Anthony Burrill

The designer and printmaker tells us about the five people who have influenced him most.

Read our interview with Anthony Burrill here

Marion Deuchars

The author of Let's Make Some Great Art tells us why creating art should be part of every adult and child's lives.

Read our interview with Marion Deuchars here

Ben Grossmann

Pixomondo's VFX supervisor reveals how artistic use of stereoscopic 3D – enhanced with restrained use of VFX – helped win him an Oscar for Hugo.

Read our interview with Ben Grossmann here

Bruno Maag

Bruno Maag discusses his bold quest to create a font that lets you say anything in almost any language.

Read our interview with Bruno Maag here

Craig Ward

We speak to the designer and art director about his book Popular Lies About Graphic Design, and why you should stop hating Comic Sans

Read our interview with Craig Ward here

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