Artist creates generative portraits using images from Hubble Space Telescope

Sergio Albiac's Stardust Portrait exhibition features hundreds of portraits created using automated software and images from space

Artist Sergio Albiac has used images sourced from the Hubble Space Telescope and photographs sent in by the public to create a series generative portraits for his Stardust exhibition.

In order to create the portraits, Sergio asked the public to send in a photograph of themselves, which he then transformed into generative collages using an automated process.

The idea behind the project, which Sergio describes as an "experiment", was to use technology to outsource the creation of art so more artworks could be created. "Modelling artistic decisions into software would provide a generative assistant that could even survive an artist in the creation of meaningful works of art," he explains on his website.

Sergio wanted to use the automated software to create as many novel combinations as possible, "taking the risks of non curated creation and experimenting with the use of generative strategies to create assisted works of art."

So far, there are more than 550 portraits in the Stardust Portrait online exhibition. You can see them all on Flickr here.

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