Adobe offers sneak peek at full-featured 'Photoshop for iPad'

Adobe demonstrated technology concepts it is exploring that centre on touchscreens at this week's Photoshop World in Orlando, Florida.

John Loiacono, the senior vice president for Digital Media Solutions at Adobe, took to the stage to show how tablets could be used in the creative process.

Loiacono explored the possibility of breaking layers apart into a 3D animation, using the fluidity of touch to manipulate and edit images layer by layer.

In a post on the blog, Adobe hinted that the concepts would make it into future products and outlined some of the things the features would enable users to achieve.

"Imagine being at the beach and spotting just the right shade of blue in the ocean that you want to incorporate into your design. What if you could use your finger to mix paints on the iPad to match that color, then turn it into a swatch, which can then be sent directly to Photoshop – without ever leaving the beach?" wrote Maria Yap, Adobe's product management director for digital imaging.

However, the concepts outlined by Adobe may not be available that soon. "While this likely won’t make it into a product for a while it served to give Photoshop fans a glimpse of what we’re exploring," Yap said.

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