Updated: our guide to Illustrator CS6, After Effects CS6, Premiere Pro CS6 and Photoshop CS6 plugins

Creative Suite 6 is out, and plug-in developers are hurriedly updating their plugins for Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6 et al. We've collected update details on some of our favourite plugins – and will update this story as more plugins are released.

Photoshop CS6 plugins

Akvis Retoucher 5.5, Coloriage 8.5, HDRFactory 2.5, NatureArt 4.5, MakeUp 2.5

Five Akvis plug-ins have been updated for Photoshop CS6: Retoucher 5.5, Coloriage 8.5, HDRFactory 2.5, NatureArt 4.5, MakeUp 2.5. Akvis says that all plug-ins will also be compatible with the upcoming Photoshop Elements 11, which is surprising seeing as Adobe hasn't announced it yet. You can download the updates for free for Mac and Windows.

Some bugs have also been fixed in the standalone versions of those tools.

Retoucher is an program for photo restoration and photo retouching. Coloriage lets you manipulate the coloors of an image: from colourising old black and white photos to replacing colors in your color photos. HDRFactory is a program for creating High Dynamic Range images and making photo correction. NatureArt is a tool for imitating the magnificence of natural phenomena on your digital photos. Akvis says MakeUp improves portraits and adds 'glamour' to photos.

Nik Software Dfine 2, Viveza 2, HDR Efex Pro, Color Efex Pro 4, Silver Efex Pro 2, Sharpener Pro 3

Nik says that the latest versions of its plugins are all compatible with Photoshop CS6. If needed, updates to the latest version can be found on the Nik Software download page.

OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 6

OnOne has released a series of updates to its plugins to ensure compatibility with Photoshop CS6. Links are below.

  • Perfect Photo Suite 6 – Update to Perfect Photo Suite 6.1 here
  • Perfect Resize 7 Professional Edition – Update to Perfect Resize 7.0.7 Professional Edition here
  • Perfect Resize 7 Standard Edition – Update to Perfect Resize 7.0.7 Standard Edition here
  • Perfect Effects 3 – Update to Perfect Effects 3.0.2 here
  • Perfect Portrait 1 – Update to Perfect Portrait 1.1 here
  • Perfect Mask 5 – Update to Perfect Mask 5.1 here
  • Perfect Layers 2 – Update to Perfect Layers 2.02 here
  • Focal Point 2 – Update to FocalPoint 2.0.9b here
  • PhotoFrame 4.6 Pro – Update to PhotoFrame 4.6.7 Professional edition here
  • PhotoTools 2.6 Pro – No time line currently available for this update

Filter Forge

Filter Forge has released the 3.008 update to Filter Forge, a Photoshop plugin that allows users to create their own filters. The current update adds support for Adobe Photoshop CS 6 as a host application.

To download and install the update 3.008, the company says to select Tools > Updates from the Filter Forge main menu. The update preserves all downloaded and user-created filters, as well as user settings and the license key.

Illustrator CS6 plugins

Artlandia SymmetryWorks 5

Artlandia's SymmetryWorks 5 pattern-creation plugin for Illustrator is now a native 64-bit versions on both Mac OS and Windows. Users can download an update from their accounts on the Artlandia website.

Artlandia says that the SymmetryWorks plugin has two key advantages over Illustrator CS6's new built-in pattern generation tool.

  • Illustrator makes patterns with just one symmetry (Simple shift); with SymmetryWorks you have all seventeen symmetries.
  • When you save an Illustrator pattern, all its active components, such as brushes, symbols, blends, compound shapes, effects, nested patterns, and others, get expanded and will no longer be active the next time you want to edit the pattern. With SymmetryWorks, you can always edit all these components live, and additionally take advantage of replicas, multi-replicas, and layouts that let you create whole new classes of patterns.

After Effects CS6 and Premiere Pro CS6

Boris FX Boris Continuum Complete 8

Boris FX has released an update to Boris Continuum Complete that adds CS6 support. Download it here.

Red Giant Software Magic Bullet Suite 11 (and other tools)

Red Giant has released updates to its plugin tools including Magic Bullet Suite 11 for CS6 compatibility that can be downloaded from here.

However, the company has listed some known issues for some of its tools, which include:

  • We are continuing to work with Adobe with a couple of issues that popped up very late in their beta process in both Trapcode Particular and Trapcode Form:The Orthographic Camera in After Effects CS6 is not working properly with Particular and Form.
  • Also in Trapcode Form: Form runs into ram preview issues if the Camera layer is not the same length as the composition. To prevent these issues, make sure the Camera layer extends from the beginning of the timeline, even if the Form layer begins somewhat later.
  • In Knoll Light Factory in OSX:When you have GPU rendering turned on, it causes artifacts in preview renders. This does not affect output renders.
  • For Magic Bullet QuickLooks:You need to click the “Apply Look” button twice in Premiere Pro CS6 in order to launch the Looks Builder.
  • And, in Toonit:Toonit sometimes causes crashes in Premiere Pro CS6 on OSX. We’re still working on the exact steps that cause this behaviour; it’s intermittent and hard to nail down (we’re also working on a fix!).


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