Take the stress out of client briefs with new app Volve

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A new platform promises an end to nightmare briefs - if not nightmare clients.

Client. Agent. Freelancer.  These are the three parts to the Holy Trinity of any creative brief, and one which comes with its fair share of confusion and excess baggage. After all, over 70% of agencies declare that their clients don't provide clear assignment briefings, and that puts a hell of a strain on freelancers caught in the middle. 

Stepping in with a solution is Volve, a new platform for agencies, freelancers and marketers to create and share briefs when they work on creative projects. It smartly organises all information in one place, giving a home for details like objectives, target audience, budget, list of deliverables and more.

Freelancers will like the streamlined process of a new brief, as laid out in three simple steps, beginning with the set up of a brief template with all the questions you need answered by your client.

Your client then fills out the brief, asks their own questions, and provides all the information a creative will need, before you then comment, resolve, and get down to the nitty gritty of creating some fantastically illustrated branding.

It's a nice post-Trello solution that aims to help deliver better projects, faster - and will hopefully take away some of the pain next time your client does a 360 or gives out some mealy-mouthed management speak as a brief.

You can sign up to Volve for free on their official site.

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