Quark has released a new version of its AppStudio digital publishing system that swaps out the Aquafadas platform underpinning the previous version for that created by PressRun, which Quark bought back in May.

This system is based on HTML5, which Quark cites as being fully-searchable, simple to add custom code to and allowing publications to be much smaller than other solutions. The trade-off is that you don’t have the same per-character typographic control as with native and PDF-based systems such as Adobe’s DPS or Mag+.

Quark's new App Studio allows you swiftly to create interactive page elements such as (above, from top) HTML5 elements, pan-and-scan images, scroll zones, slideshows, video and audio, and zoomable in-page images.

App Studio works with both the soon-to-be-released QuarkXPress 9.5 and InDesign CS5 or later – though InDesign users are limited to the higher-priced subscription options aimed at publishers of newspapers or magazines, and can’t use it to produce single apps for a set fee.