QuarkXPress 10.1 ‘is everything version 10 should have been'

Quark claims the QXP 10.1 update fixes the issues that may have turned designers off version 10.


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frustrated said: I am having crashes with Quark 10.2 .... WTF people, I can't even delete a picture box without it crashing ... please do something!!!!!!!!!

TimboAlogo said: REALLY!?? 10.1 still crashes regardless off what I do. FYI...running the latest greatest version of Maveriks. Unfortunately I built an entire document in 10...was extremely dissapointed in how sluggish version 10 was....went through the process of updating to 10.0.2 and wow!....now the program just simply crashed each time i tried to open my original 10.0 document....QUACK...(sorry!) Quark...then releases 10.1....same CRAP!...then...la di da...they release 10.1.01...still them same...effectively rendering my project built in 10 USELESS!...don't know what their "programmers" are smoking out there in India are other 3rd world country where QUACK is getting their developing, but it has effectively relegated itself to the legacy garbage bin FOR GOOD! Ya blew it with me Quark. I was a faithful user since V3. Not any more. Back to InDesign.

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