Procreate 4.2 lands, making it the perfect drawing app for your new Apple Pencil

Procreate's latest update is fine-tuned for the Apple Pencil, and new features can turn your sketched shapes into symmetrical forms.

All the recent talk about Photoshop for the iPad hasn't made us forget about Procreate, and in good timing Savage have unleashed the drawing software's latest update with today's release of version 4.2.

The new version of Procreate thrills with the inclusion of Quickshape, which turns your sketches of shapes into symmetrical forms, meaning your doodled lines instantly turn straight by magic.

Procreate's Twitter account also showcases the cool Liquify Dynamics, with brushes adding control and spontaneity, and you can enhance any adjustment with Distortion and Momentum.

The new update has Clipping Masks, Crop, Inking and Selections redesigned for multitouch and Apple Pencil, just in time for the second generation update to the stylus which we recently reviewed.  We like how responsive the Feather selection is in particular when using the Pencil.

Clearly some very delicate, responsive work here.

The update is a free one for existing users, £9.99/US$9.99 for new customers, and is available exclusively now through the App Store

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