Procreate 3.2 out now: Record live videos, improve Layer workflow, larger brush sizes & more

Artists, rejoice - the latest version of Procreate is now available to download from the App Store.

Savage Interactive launched a beta version of the iPad illustration app and has alluded to its new features for some time, but the wait is no longer. 

It will cost you £4.49 or US$5.99 to download the powerful 64-bit painting engine - which is compatible only with iOS 10 or later – or it’s a free update. 

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Here are the new features (there are quite a few of them!) of Procreate 3.2, including live broadcast, keyboard shortcuts and bigger brush sizes. 

Procreate 3.2: PSD Import

You can now import PSD files from Photoshop, whilst keeping in tact your layers, groups, blend modes and any other feature Procreate supports.

Procreate 3.2: Keyboard shortcuts

If you have an iPad-compatible keyboard, it can be Procreate-compatible now too, with a full list of available key commands. Both Bluetooth and Smart Keyboards are supported. All you need to do is hold down the CMD key when using Procreate.

Procreate 3.2: Live Broadcast

A new Video tab is available under the Actions menu, allowing for a live streaming service to pop up within Procreate – no external setup needed. 

For this feature to work you will need to have a compatible streaming service app installed such as Mobcrush, Periscope and Shou. Then simply tap Start Live Broadcast under the new tab.

Procreate says as soon as other services build an extension to hook into the iOS 10 ReplayKit functionality, they will appear here too.

Procreate 3.2: Screen Capture

This feature is for those who would rather edit their videos before sharing them. Use the Screen Capture option under the Video menu to record your artwork in real time. You can also use your iPad camera and microphone to record yourself, or you can choose to turn this function off if you’d rather let your artwork speak for itself. 

Your video can be immediately saved to your Photos app, or any other connected app, but be mindful – these videos can take up a lot of storage space. 

Procreate 3.2: Rapid Undo/Redo

To get rid of any mistakes to your artwork, you can now simply hold down two fingers to constantly Undo and hold down three fingers to constantly Redo. 

Undo or Redo will fire continuously while the gesture is active, and stop as soon as you lift your fingers.

Procreate 3.2: Big Brushes

Procreate’s brush size can be increased to 1600% - four times the previous limit of 400%. Just make sure your Brush Spacing is high enough to allow for large sizes. 

On top of this, Procreate now accepts 2048-pixel square Shape and Grain source files, up from its previous 1024-pixel source files.

Procreate 3.2: Refined Colour Wheel 

Procreate has expanded the Hue Ring for better control over yellow, orange and red hues, making it easier to select precise variations across a more natural colour space. 

Procreate 3.2: Layers

Adjusting layers just got a whole lot faster.

Swipe right and select multiple layers at once, which can then be moved, deleted, grouped or locked in one go, without disrupting your workflow. 

You can also organise layers into groups, nest them inside one another, lock them or hide them together.

With Procreate 3.2, you have the ability to move, scale, shear or distort selected layers and layer groups, making for more efficient management.

Procreate 3.2: Handbook

To top it all off, the new version comes with its own Handbook free from the Support page. If you’ve already got the iBook, an update should appear shortly.

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