Pixelmash promises easier pixel art and sprite animation

Pixelmash is one of the newest desktop apps for 8-bit art, and its latest build may rank it up with there the likes of aseprite.

The 2020 version, released last week, allows users to paint or import high-resolution artwork and then non-destructively pixelise it, animate layers using transforms, and apply advanced layer effects with less time-consuming 'blocks' in the process.

Hi-res layers can be mixed with traditional hand-drawn pixel-by-pixel layers, while intricate objects can be rotated without losing detail. Complex effects being applied non-destructively gives you borders which auto-update when contents move, a pretty neat feature in our view.

Other new features include:

  • Save and load custom layer effects
  • Colour management
  • New Gradient layer effect
  • Save project as template (saves all layer effects)
  • Ability to paint anywhere in tiled view

Pixelmash is available for USD $25 as a cross-platform license for Windows and MacOS via nevercenter.com/pixelmash. It can also be purchased on the Mac App Store and Steam (pricing and license options may vary per platform).

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