Photoshop hits 30 with updates for both desktop and its iPad baby

Did you know today is Photoshop's birthday?

To celebrate the app's big 30th, Adobe has shown how far the photo editing classic has gone beyond its CD-ROM roots, releasing more AI-powered updates and a refresh of the fledgling iPad edition.

We've listed what's new below; current Photoshop users can find these updates live, including those using Photoshop for iPad (PSi), which launched barely three months ago.

Not included is an official release of Adobe Photoshop Camera, the social media-aimed phone app version of the program which is out there to find in beta form. Photoshop Sketch meanwhile seems to remain unchanged.

What's new with Photoshop on desktop

Preview Content-Aware Fill without ever leaving the workspace

The February 2020 release lets you make multiple selections and apply multiple fills without having to tab around. So, one file and a preview window by its side as demonstrated below.

Click the new 'apply' button to action your fills before committing.

Better bokeh

Lens blur is now on the GPU, producing more realistic results and extra colourful bokeh.

The below was made using the latest version of PS.

Being on the GPU improves the sharpness and edges when using Lens Blur to synthetically blur the foreground, background or even the middle of an image.

What's new with Photoshop for iPad

Photoshop for iPad (PSi) has already been updated a few times since its release late last year. If the app is new to you, read more in our story of its launch alongside thoughts from designers.

Object Selection comes to PSi 

The desktop feature now comes to tablet. See it in action with this GIF.

Like Content Aware and most PS updates these days, the tool comes powered by the AI of Adobe Sensei.

Type gets more personality

PSi gets even more desktop-like through more typographic controls with added type layer, character and options properties. This includes tracking, leading, scaling, and formatting things like all/small caps and super/subscript.

Kerning will ship in a future release, alongside Refine Edge Brush.

Similar to the desktop version's Refine Edge Tool, this brush will help you refine tricky edges of an object. Think strands of hair, frayed edges, that kind of thing.

Remember: if you have a Creative Cloud subscription that includes Photoshop, whether standalone or a Creative Cloud bundle, Photoshop for iPad is included.

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