New Photoshop features: Adobe debuts Content Aware Crop for Photoshop CC

Watch the video above to see one of the features being added to the next version of Photoshop.

Adobe says that Content-Aware Crop will be added to Photoshop CC as part of an "upcoming major release" – though didn't say when that would be.

Content-Aware Crop fills in the blanks when you expand or rotate an image in Photoshop. Likely as with Adobe's Content-Aware Fill, the results will be variable depending on the image you use, with randomly textured areas like skies and grass delivering the best results.

The announcement is the first news about future versions of Photoshop since the winter 2015 Creative Cloud update, which introduced a flatter UI and integration with the Fuse CC 3D animation tool. When VP Mala Sharma discussed the Adobe's plans for 2016, software tools such as Photoshop were barely mentioned (except for its brand new UX design tool Adobe XD) – though Adobe did go on to announce (as-yet unreleased) updates to its video tools like Premiere Pro and After Effects in April.

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