Best iPhone Entertainment & Lifestyle App
Winner: Angry Birds – Chillingo
URL: www.chillingo.com
Price: £0.59
We said: Angry Birds is an addictive, clever, and challenging puzzler, offering good gameplay and more than one strategy. At 59p, it’s certainly worth checking out.
CoPilot Live – ALK Technologies, Quad Camera Multishot – Art and Mobile, Mill Color – The Mill, Weather Pro – WeatherPro

Best iPhone Business & Utility App
Winner: Things – Cultured Code
URL: www.culturedcode.com
Price: £5.99
We said: Many of the other to-do list managers we’ve tried get in the way of getting things done. Things doesn’t do that. One of its killer features is integration with the Mac version of Things.
LogMeIn Ignition – LogMeIn, Bento – FileMaker Inc, Air Sharing Pro – Avatron Software , QuickOffice Mobile Office Suite – QuickOffice

Best iPhone & iPod Accessory
Winner: flipSYNC – Scosche
URL: www.scosche.com
PRice: £14.99
We said: It's a tight squeeze, but once you've got this in your USB slot it’s a perfectly portable way to recharge your iPhone whenever you are near a USB port.
HyperMac Mini – Sanho, PowerSkin – Mili, InMotion Compact iMT320 – Altec Lansing, GorillaMobile for iPhone – Joby
Sponsored by: Ranieri Communications

Best iPad Application
Winner: LogMeIn Ignition – LogMeIn Inc
URL: www.logmein.com/UK
Price: £17.99
We said: LogMeIn Ingition gives you access to your home computer and its contents from anywhere using your iPad (or iPhone). It is an essential tool many, and it's perfectly suited to the iPad.
Nominees: GoodReader – Good.iWare, Air Video – InMethod, The Guardian Eyewitness – Guardian News and Media, Bento for iPad – FileMaker
Sponsored by: Contour Design

Best iPad Accessory
Winner: MiFi – Three
URL: www.three.co.uk
Price: £49.00
We said: The 3 MiFi Huawei E5830 enables you to create your own WiFi network and walk around with it. For iPad WiFi owners this device is thoroughly recommended.
Nominees: zCover GloveOne Shield – zCover, Elan Passport – Griffin, iSee for iPad – Contour Design, Tuff-Luv – I-nique

Readers Choice - Best Software
Winner: CS5 – Adobe
URL: www.adobe.co.uk
Price: from £1,773
Nominees: CS5 – Adobe, Office for Mac – Microsoft, Bento 3 – FileMaker, Parallels Desktop – Parallels, VMware Fusion – VMware

Apple Product of the Year
Winner: iPad - Apple
URL: www.apple.com/uk
Price: From £429
We said: It’s a fantastic piece of hardware, inside and out, but more than that, it’s the apotheosis of Apple’s design philosophy, synthesizing cutting-edge hardware design with innovative system and application software into a single, unified product. Holding the iPad feels like you’re holding the future, and not in a hazy dream-like way, but in an “I can’t believe I’m actually here kind of way”.
Nominees: iMac i5, MacBook Pro, Magic Mouse, Mac mini Server
Sponsored by: Scosche

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