Last chance to download Photoshop CS6 beta. Will it ship tomorrow?

Adobe says that today is the last day you can download the beta version of Photoshop CS6 – though as the company's working on a 5pm cutoff on west-coast US time, that means that here in the UK we've actually got until 1am tomorrow.

The new release features a wealth of features including the ability to move objects seamlessing in scenes, on-canvas blur tools, Illustrator-style vector graphics, improved 3D modelling and texturing, video editing and more.

The beta of Photoshop CS6 can be downloaded from the Adobe Labs site. Adobe hasn't said whether it will release a second beta to follow, or release the full version for sale. The whole of Creative Suite 6 is due for launch by May 22.

We've put together a wealth of guides to explore Photoshop CS6's new features for photographers, designers, illustrators, artists, animators and editors.

First off, check out our expert guide to the new features, where you can discover what's new whether Photoshop CS6 is going to be a must-have upgrade.

Then take a look at our step-by-step tutorials on the best new features:

New tools for editing, texturing, lighting and compositing 3D models into your scene.

Content-Aware Move for seamlessly moving people and objects with automatic background creation.

On-canvas controls for blurs.

New vector graphics creation tools.

Video editing inside Photoshop CS6.

A faster Crop tool with more options.

Big changes to the Layers panel.

For more on Photoshop CS6, check out our exclusive special edition for the iPad and Android tablets through the Digital Arts app.


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