The Foundry’s Nuke Studio is a one-stop-shop for VFX and editing

The Foundry has announced Nuke Studio, a new VFX, editing and finishing software application that’s based on the company’s Nuke visual effects software.

Aimed at short form projects such as commercials where users might want to produce a project entirely in a single application, Nuke Studio offers both a timeline for editing and a node-based visual effects building system a la Nuke. For editing, Nuke Studio supports 4K editing with real-time effects in the timeline – accelerated by the host computer’s graphics card (or cards). 4K playback is possible in real-time both on-screen at via SDI through hardware.

Key to achieving this is performance, and The Foundry says that its built-in render farm tech can automatically draw on the power of a single or multiple workstations if need be.

Finishing with Nuke

For effects work, Nuke Studio features the full VFX creation tools of Nuke X.

As well as being designed for single users, Nuke Studio also includes tools for teams. The software includes what The Foundry calls a "hub for total project control” that lets users work collaboratively, move through versions and share customised effects.

The company also says that Nuke Studio is designed to work seamlessly with a customer’s pipeline, including with both industry standard and internally developed asset management systems.

The Foundry hasn’t said how much Nuke Studio will cost – so whether it’s a competitor to Adobe’s Creative Cloud video tools, Autodesk’s Smoke or even high-end finishing systems like Flame – or when it will ship, or what platforms will run on.


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