Evernote hacked - how to reset your password

Evernote is forcing all of its 50 million users to change their passwords after detecting a hacker intrusion on its systems. Evernote is 'digital notebook' software for things like compiling research and reference materials (including text, images, video and entire web pages), creating moodboards, writing notes, recording thoughts or conversations with clients – all of which are stored online and synced across applications on your mobile phone, tablet, desktop and/or laptop.

The attacker gained access to Evernote accounts' usernames, email addresses and passwords. Although passwords are encrypted, the company "in an abundance of caution" is implementing a password reset, the company said in a blog post on Saturday.

There is no evidence that the malicious hackers accessed user content nor that they got a hold of customers' payment information, according to the company.

The network "suspicious activity" that Evernote detected and blocked was an apparent "coordinated attempt" to break into secure areas of its service, Evernote said in the post.

However, some users initially found the security measures put in place by Evernote confusing – especially if they were unaware of the hacking. If you launch the desktop or mobile clients, you are asked to enter your password – but your current password will be rejected. It is not immediately obvious why this is the case – which could lead to users thinking hackers had compromised their accounts and changed their passwords. Evernote says it's launching updates to avoid this confusion.

"We are also releasing updates to several of our apps to make the password change process easier, so please check for updates over the next several hours," reads Evernote's blog post.

How to reset your Evernote password

To reset your Evernote password, you need to go to www.evernote.com and log in. You will be prompted to create a new password. Do this, then use this new password when launching all of your Evernote applications and apps for desktop and mobile.

Evernote is the latest victim in a recent string of hacking incidents against high-profile technology companies, including Apple, Microsoft, Twitter and Facebook.

We recetly reviewed version 5 of Evernote, where we described it as "an indispensable tool for keeping your notes, sketches, recordings, PDFs, etc together – and allowing you to access them on every device you own."

That’s a program that can store and sort those clippings and files, index them for easy search and retrieval, and allow you to add your preferred organizational structure as well, whether it be to group similar kinds of information into collections, or add metadata such as tags or categories.

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