Serif Affinity Photo: free beta of the Photoshop rival is now available

Serif Affinity Photo is to Photoshop what Affinity Designer is to Adobe Illustrator.


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Jc said: Check PhotoLine, outperform any of this softwares ;)´t mind the UI, see the possibilities that brings, no renting model, 70 euros new license, about 29 euros upgrade, constant beta releases, ultra fast bug hunting, layers can be mixed in 8,16,32 and color modes (RGB,CMYK, etc) on the same document, huge amount of adjustment layers, etc.

subzerofun said: Tested it for 10 minutes and then had to stop because of the lag...

Daniel Conder said: Gave it a whirl, don't care for it. Lightroom / Photoshop are far better.

bingo said: will there be a windows version?

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