Corel's Painter 2020 arrives with GPU-based brushes for real time performance

One of the best digital painting apps for Windows and Mac has been updated for 2019.

Painter 2020 is out today, which may be confusing considering it's 2019, but as Corel's dedicated base of digital painters knows, the software company likes to give its new releases a 'one year later' sort of appendix.

What does a new version of Corel's flagship painting app mean for both newcomers and devotees alike you may wonder. Well, we were lucky to get a preview of the app in the Digital Arts office recently and were immediately struck by the introduction of GPU-based brushes, giving your strokes a real time performance that translates to even wall-sized canvases.

Painter's so-called Brush Accelerator adapts to each system of its users, so don't expect a 'one size fits all' service with this version. Brush performance & speed now comes in at 20 times faster, and four times faster on CPU. Opening big documents also presents little challenge.

If numbers bore you, then look towards Painter 2020's revamped Property Bars, flyouts, and palettes for brushes at your fingertips. Consolidated Library Panels aim to save artists save valuable space, and the interface has a more intuitive feel we noticed. 

The Brush Selector has also been given a revamp, and you now have over 900 brushes to choose from, including realistic Natural-Media® options that intuitively respond to stylus movements and canvas textures, resulting in some deeply impressive brushstrokes. Watercolours bleed especially well on this platform.

Painter 2020 is available for Windows and Mac in English, French, German, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese for $429 USD €424.95/£359.99. Registered owners of any previous version can purchase for the upgrade price of $229 USD/€218.95/£179.99. GBP and European prices include VAT.

Get the free 30-day trial or purchase electronic download versions at

Expect a Painter 2020 review soon on Digital Arts.

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