Corel Painter 2021 arrives with Sidecar support and subscription model

AI and art also get a little closer in the new update.

While we wish the year was over, it is still the year 2020, even if Corel has today released Painter 2021, the digital painting software available on both Windows and Mac platforms.

The new update sees improved platform support for artists, allowing Sidecar support on macOS Catalina to mirror your Mac on an iPad and create with Painter using the Apple Pencil. Increased efficiency for MacBook Pro and iPad meanwhile means new support for the context sensitive Touch Bar and multi-touch Trackpad on MacBook Pro. With Apple announcing yesterday though that its ditching Intel chips for its Apple Silicon, Corel will need to adapt to work on future Mac products.

Corel Painter is also following in CorelDRAW's footsteps by offering a subscription-based model; we've included pricing details on that below. But what's new with the software itself? Clone Tinting for one; access the top Photo Art panels from the property bar for quick adjustments and take advantage of new colour tinting of a source including images, textures and patterns.

You can also clone your images by dipping your brush directly into the photo, or use artificial intelligence and the Auto-Painting palette to rapidly (and dramtically) transform images for you with a dozen set filters.

You can also utilise enhanced Thick Paint brushes and a new Thick Paint-compatible brush category to create art like the below, taking full advantage of the depth, lighting and shadows of piled paint.

Painter 2021 also comes with Natural-Media™ brushes including, thick, wet, dry and blending media that looks and feels just like the real thing. 

Speaking of brushes, a more intuitive workspace lets you create your own custom brushes, palettes and workspace layout, closer to the menu types seen in Procreate and Adobe Fresco.

Corel Painter 2021 can be bought outright for Mac and Windows at £359.99. A 365-day Subscription is priced at £159.00, billed annually for what amounts to £13.25 monthly. More details here.

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