Clip Studio Paint for iPhone arrives for those wanting to make comics on their phone

The new app joins Adobe Illustrator Draw and Procreate Pocket in bringing art-making to the small screen.

Digital painting and drawing app Clip Studio Paint has long been popular on desktop and iPad, and now, for the first time, the software has made the leap to iPhone.

Long popular with manga makers in and out of Japan, the app's USP has long been its comic making capabilities, and it seems this new iteration will allow digital mangaka to breezily make new pieces on the very device they use to read their favourite webtoons.

Clip Studio Paint for the iPhone offers all of the features and functionality of the desktop original but optimised for the iPhone screen, joining the likes of iOS-sized apps like Adobe Illustrator Draw and Procreate Pocket which come featured in our ranked best drawing and painting apps for the Apple phone. It also comes with cloud integration across your devices, ideal for Clip Studio desktop and iPad users who want to touch up a piece on the go. See it in action below.

Whilst the iPad/iPad Pro is rightly getting the lion's share of attention from art brands, there has been renewed interest in creativity on the iPhone with the rise of social media, something reflected in Adobe's currently testing Photoshop Camera app. Clip Studio Paint for the iPhone will be ideal for any webcomic makers who'd like to instantly see how their stories will read on screen, smartphones being the way most online comics are consumed.

Like Photoshop Camera and its ilk, the app is free to use - but only for an hour a day. To avoid this Cinderella effect, users can upgrade to Clip Studio Paint for the iPhone PRO (US$0.99/£3.49 a month) or Clip Studio Paint for the iPhone EX (US$2.49/£6.99 a month) packages.

Annual buys are possible on both; if curious on the difference, Pro gets you single-page illustrations & comics and up to 24 frames for gifs or short animations, whilst version Ex gets you unlimited and multi-page options. Neither may make sense with the iPhone version though as we can see going big on Gifs and pages will result in some serious drag on your smartphone.

No word on an Android version, yet, though, which is a surprise considering all those Samsung-using, webtoon-loving readers in South Korea and beyond.

Find the app for download here on the iOS Store.

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