Be Warned Mac users - Mojave breaks Photoshop, but there is a fix

Look at all these frustrated people trying to run Photoshop (Credit: iStock)

Apple's new update to the Mac operating system is causing issues with Photoshop CC.

Update: A fix to the problem is available, as detailed below.

Creators who are looking to update to new Mac operating system macOS 10.14 Mojave beware, for the new software is causing issues when running Photoshop - or trying to run Photoshop, that is, for older versions of the program are likely not to load when using the new OS. Fret not, though, for there is a fix available below.

Even Jealous Girlfriend has been affected by all this (Credit: iStock)

Adobe is strongly recommending that users update to the Photoshop CC 2018 release prior to updating to Mojave. This is as older versions of Photoshop CC were not designed, nor extensively tested to run on the operating system, unfortunately.

It's not all doom and gloom, though, as we've found a fix with a little help from our friends at Macworld UK. Users will need to close Photoshop, then go to their Mac's System Preferences. From there go to Security & Privacy, hit the Privacy tab and tab down to Accessibility. 

Photoshop will be on the right hand side of the box, under heading 'Allow the apps below to control your computer.' Tick the unchecked box - like the one you can see in the below screenshot - and reopen Photoshop. From there, things should be fine, although why Apple has decided on this very low-key method remains puzzling.

If you come across any other bugs, contact us on our social media pages or let us know in the comments below. There's also the option of the Adobe report form, of course.

Our fix should do you fine, but you can always keep an eye out for updates on the official Adobe 'Crawlspace' blog.


Amit Bisani said: tried the above suggestion. not working yet. any other way to get photoshop working?

Nikki Harrison said: This did nothing to fix the lagging brush, I get lags and lags. Going to look at reinstalling back to the previous OS.

Dan de Castro said: This did not work for me. Is there any other way I can circumvent this problem?

coyote said: Hello! I had the save problem ( sometimes would'nt open at all, crashes when clicking on the Type tool etc.) and this solution worked for me, type tool is working. But I'have got a new problem : the icons (or thumbnails) of the tools (the list with thumbs) when I choose a tool are very strange, like graffitis... :-( For the moment, no solution found. Sorry for my English).

Paul Birkeland-Green said: After two weeks with this 'fix' I can say it sort of works until you put in sleep mode or leave Photoshop running in the background...then it freezes on any command. Force quit is the only answer. I'm sorry Adobe but I'm not buying a new version every time Mac OS updates.

Timothy Pickerill said: ugh, got my CS5 photoshop working except it now still crashing when attempting to use the Text tool.. wtf?

Rob @ Amsterdam said: This is not a FIX , just like removing the rulers, it's all just a band aid to ease the pain a bit, and it is also not consequent, some have good results, some none, but it doesn't solve the problem.Adobe should examen this and do an update with a GOOD fix working for everybody so we can use the rulers again.

lou said: This wasn't even an option for me. The choice of allowing PS to control the computer was inactive. Clicking on the box does nothing at all.My PS sort of works, but has annoying bugs. The crop tool has lost all its convenience features and when you finally do the crop it changes the background layer to "layer 0". Now I have to flatten the image before saving.Doesn't anyone do Beta testing any more? Cropping is a basic tool, not some obscure use.

Valentius Laboratorii said: What I want to know is, what's with the color grading on the stock photo? Do a lot of groups of good-looking people gather to troubleshoot their laptops at sunset? Was this shot on some IT-savvy tropical isle where everybody is young, hip, and has a perfect golden tan?

Eli said: Thank you guys!

ChicagoeJoe said: Any success? I wonder if this also helps InDesign 5.Thank you for posting and best wishes. You are appreciated.

Julie Walmsley said: Thanks for that... Did the same for Adobe Bridge as that had also been playing up since I upgraded to Mojave... So far so good.

Alois Trancy said: I knew something like this would happen, which is why I haven't upgraded to Mojave yet. Every time Apple comes up with some new "software", it messes up my CS6 and wacom driver. It's annoying and unnecessary. Definitely won't be upgrading.

Linda Eubanks said: I tried the above method... it's not working for me.

Kerry Jay said: Thankyou - totally saved me!!!

Руслан Мирсалихов said: Nothing changed. Just installed fresh CC 2019 but still, i see no transforming or other bounding boxes, selections, can't see the text i'm typing in. Even sudden crashes every 3 or 4 minutes.This will keep happening unless Adobe makes it's Suite's apps native for MacOS. Oh God, i hate using adobe apps on Mac OS

TravMac said: This is so frustrating. This fix only helped me with creating a NEW file, but still crashes with any old files I had already. So basically any projects Im working on I have to start fro scratch? No fucking WAY! FMLEDIT: Actually... it doesn't even work with new files either. Completely fucked. And High Sierra isn't available either... and Adobe CC is only for America - I can't get it without going through a fucking reseller who charges double the rate and has me fuckign hostage.Fuck all these REGION Blocking software assholes! UGHHHHH

Yumi said: For me, it crashes when typing. It is so annoying!!! Somebody know how to solve it?

Sheiler said: I have Creative Suite CS5 and the above did not work for me. But this did -

Vicki Simon said: Did that. Doesn't fix.

Marci Michelle said: temporary fix after doing this. then glitches again. also, the pen lag is excruciating.

Richard Cassidy said: The man on the right is cross because his porn stash folder was marked private. The lady sitting down has just noticed that her video is in there. The rest of them are trying not to laugh.

Jane said: Just finally got thru to Adobe tech support and they fixed it. You have to choose 1 at every menu choice so that you can get a human. Then tell them your computer cannot use the Adobe subscription service because you have satellite internet and your internet speed does not handle large program updates. Otherwise they will not help you. It only took a few minutes and now it works fine.

Will Odell said: Thank you so much, I would never have figured this out myself. I have a project that is due for tomorrow and was about to just on the tube and head home to get the laptop. You have saved me a coupe of wasted hours.

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