Now get your Adobe CC subscription reduced with two months off

 Original artwork taken from a Día de los Muertos-themed tutorial by Chris Parks.

Adobe's made Creative Cloud free if you look hard enough.

Are you a Creative Cloud subscriber? Feeling hard hit by the economic slowdown?

Good news! 60 days free of Adobe software is available to you as of today; follow the below instructions to enjoy this low-key discount.

First, log in to your CC account. Go to your Plan page and at the bottom select Manage Plan.

After you give a random reason for cancellation (we suggest saying it's Too Expensive) go ahead and Cancel your current subscription by hitting Continue.

The next page will be an Offers page to convince you to stay. On it you will find the two month offer, saving you $59.98 in total.

Click 'Accept Offer' and you're good to go. This Tweeted video from Yehju Park helpfully shows how easy it is to find the deal.

Note the deal is only available to current Adobe users, including those on Photography plans, in the US/UK and we're guessing the EMEA region if not beyond. The savings are presumably a response from Adobe to the current pandemic-related meltdown, being a canny way to keep users subscribed, and help creatives save a little cash in troublesome times. How long the ‘promotion’ will run may depend on how things pan out with the crisis, presumably.

Check out our guide to Adobe CC if you're not yet signed up to the Cloud.

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