Adobe Stock gains over 12 million new images – and filters

Adobe's online stock service has gained some new tools – and more images from the likes of Reuters, USA Today Sports and Stocksy.

Most of the new images are editorial photos that can only be used in non-commercial ways – but there are 400,000 new photos from Stocksy, which specialises in Instagram-esque, hazy lifestyle images. Some of the Stocksy collection is seen below.

The bulk of the new photos are from Reuters, who are making their archive of over 12 million editorial images available through Adobe Stock – as well as over one million video clips.

Adobe Stock Editorial Collection
Reuters image for the Adobe Stock Editorial Collection

Alongside this will be 500,000 photos a year from USA Today Sports, covering 10,000 sports events – mainly in the US but some from around the world.

New tools include visual search – the ability to drag an image into the browser and have Adobe Stock find images that are visually similar. Near identical to visual search tools offered by iStock and Shutterstock, it allows you to find images that have similarities in subject, colour and tone – though it's not so good that you could drag in a picture of Beyoncé into it and find photos with models that look like her.

Filters let you apply simple effects to the image to see how it might appear with that applied. This is launching with two filters – depth of field and vivid colour (seen below).

Depth of field
Vivid high colour 

Also new is a PowerPoint plugin that works in similar fashion to the Stock panel within Photoshop or InDesign, as seen below. This lets you search for images from within the application, download watermarked comps directly to use as you wish – and then licence when you're ready (or the client has given sign-off).

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