Adobe shows off new Content-Aware Fill tool coming to ‘Photoshop CC 2019’

Adobe has released a video showing a version of Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill tool that offers more control over how it removes objects from scenes, allowing it to work in with more difficult images.

The new tool will appear in the next version of Photoshop, which based on the company’s past behaviour expected to be released at the Adobe Max conference in Los Angeles from October 15-17 as part of upgrades to many of its Creative Cloud apps, and is likely to be called Photoshop CC 2019.

In the video (above), Adobe shows a new workflow based around a new option under the Image menu called Content-Aware Fill – though you can continue to use the current version of the tool through the Fill menu item.

This opens a new panel where you can see the results of the Fill, as well as the original image with a green mask overlay. Here you can select which areas you do or don’t want the fill to take texture, colour and elements from using the new Sampling Brush tool – almost like an automated version of the Clone Stamp tool.

You can also rotate and scale the results of the fill, for example if you were trying to replicate a radial pattern such as the stigma of a flower (below). You can also mirror results from an area, with Adobe using the example of a butterfly with part of its wing obscured as an example here.


Finally, you can output the results on a new layer so as to keep your original image intact.

Based on previous years, we also expect to hear about new versions of Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro and other video and animation tools over the next week, to coincide with the IBC conference in Amsterdam.

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