Adobe shows off Flash Pro 'CS7' – codenamed Hellcat

Adobe's next version of Flash Pro features a redesigned interface and should run much faster too.

Despite the dwindling popularity of its core output format, Adobe's Flash Pro is still a popular tool for creating high-impact experiences such as web games and even native apps for the usually-Flash-unfriendly iPad and iPhone (as well as Android). The software has seemed rather unloved recently, featuring an interface that owes more to its Macromedia heritage than Adobe and not benefitting from any of Adobe's recent web-tool updates to the likes of Dreamweaver and the Edge line of applications.

Now Adobe has revealed what it has in mind for the next version of Flash Pro – which may be Flash Pro CS7 or a just-for-Creative-Cloud-members update like other recent releases, but is currently known as Hellcat. In the video above, Adobe's senior product manager for Flash Pro, Tom Barclay, gives a few details of what's to come – including moving Flash Pro from its current overlaid palette-based interface to the sliding panels as found in most of the CS6 range including Photoshop CS6 or After Effects CS6.

Like the recent Photoshop CS6.1 update, Hellcat's interface also supports the Retina Display of some of Apple's MacBook Pros.

Under-the-hood, Flash Pro's engine has been replaced with 64-bit code running natively as a Cocoa application for the Mac. Barclay says that Hellcat runs up to 10 times faster than Flash Pro CS6, and shows it launching much faster too.

No information is forthcoming on when Hellcat will be available.

The video follows a sneak peak at new rotoscoping tools for After Effects that Adobe is showing at the NAB show next week.

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