Adobe releases Photoshop & Illustrator updates, tools for teams to Creative Cloud subscribers & a Dropbox-style app

Adobe is to release a series of updates at 7pm tonight to subscribers to its Creative Cloud software-and-services bundle that add features to Photoshop, Illustrator ands Muse; add a Dropbox-style desktop app for seamlessly sharing files stored on Creative Cloud's servers; and adds services to allow teams to share files and collaborate on projects easier.

Photoshop CS6.1 (above) adds support for the Retina displays used by Apple MacBook Pros (this is available to all Photoshop CS6 owners). The Blur Gallery and Liquify filter now can work on Smart Objects. CSS Copy gives you the the ability to export CSS code for text and objects, and import colour swatches from HTML and CSS files. The Crop tool's been given a polish, as has the 3D system. Conditional Actions allow you to use basic programming terms – If, Then, Else – to modify Actions to do different things, depending on the makeup of an image.

Read our Photoshop CS6.1 review, Conditional Actions tutorial, and Blur Gallery tutorial.

Illustrator CS6 16.0.3 also adds support for the Retina displays used by Apple MacBook Pros (and again this is available to all Illustrator CS6 owners) . This follows three new features added to Illustrator CS6, back in August.

Adobe Muse now includes the ability to create unique layouts for desktop, iPhone, iPad and other mobile device versions of a website.

Creative Cloud for teams adds tools so studio heads and project managers can manage virtual workgroups, 100GB of cloud storage per user (versus 20GB for the individual Creative Cloud offering), two 1-on-1 'incidents' with Adobe 'expert' per year (which means expert support rather than the opportunity to drunkenly embarass yourself in front of them), centralised administration to make deploying new seats easier, and centralised billing.

Creative Cloud for teams costs £53 plus VAT per month per seat with an annual contract required. Existing customers who own CS3 or later get their first year of Creative Cloud for teams at the discounted rate of £38.12 per month per seat.

Creative Cloud Connection is a Dropbox-style desktop sync app that allows users to automatically sync files to a Creative Cloud account by saving files to the desktop folder, or simply dragging and dropping.

Adobe is also providing free video training from the likes of Kelby Training, video2brain and Attain

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