Adobe releases Creative Cloud 2018 with new Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, XD, Dimension, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Lightroom & more

You can now download Adobe CC 2018. We take a look at the new features in updates to Photoshop, XD, Lightroom, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Character Animator and Dimension.

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Jack said: Couldn't agree more with Dan. I am so disgusted with the third world support, sluggish apps, resource hogging and on and on. Why can't you just make what you have work better. This stuff happens when a company's market dominance and the accompanying corporate arrogance rules. It happened to Quark back in the day, and they have paid dearly. Let's hope Adobe gets the message and fixes things before it happens to them. Not.

tjc360 said: Cinema wont sell, that's the issue.

Joe Bloggs said: 3D IS NOT ADOBE´S DOMAIN

Dan said: A sad, sad day for every professional user...Adobe goes the same path as Apple: rip off long term customers who built up the company to focus - on their cost - to the mass market...Who the hell needs better Adobe Stock Integration, Social Media Integration in Lightroom, Project Felix aka Dimension (I wonder how the next Iteration will be named?), C4D Integration in Illustrator?!?!And what was the big news 2 years ago? 3D Integration in Photoshop - which is buggy, slow and unnecessary. Like Dimension will be in 2 years, like Project Felix was - and still is.Instead Adobe offers us superfluous upgrade after superfluous. An endless iteration of inefficiency.It´s a big big joke. And we pay for it...Instead of improving all the existing Software tools, making them ready for existing hardware developments like gpu accelaration and update code corpses from the 80ies to a 2017 level. Shame on you, Adobe. I hope a clever new Software Company out there will rise soon, close the gaps and make Adobe obsolete once and for all time - obsolete like all the worthless new apps and "upgrades" from the Adobe Graveyard of the past years!Word!

Carlera Naves said: Adobe is losing their mind, lots of new apps that don't do the job such as Adobe dimension... it is slow as hell it takes forever to render a simple scene and the results are disappointing. What designer needs that? You can acheive much better results and faster using Cinema 4D or even photoshop. 3D software for who?

er1k said: True. True... True! Everything. The internet still laughs about the "DJ" with a Mac book but Adobe is just pushing forward to become the new meme. "What are you? A designer?... using Adobe software?!"... LOL. The CC should stand for Casual Crisis. That's exactly what Adobe has.

Joe Bloggs said: Adobe and their Drop-feed and homoeopathic and minuscule updates get on my nerves too. Especially the Illustrator and Photoshop updates - Adobe should have saved them until 2019 - instead, Adobe insults us with these microscopic improvements. Other commentators are right! The performance issues in some other Apps, especially those with 3D functions apps is catastrophical. Photoshop 3D functions are a joke, and reminiscent of the early days of 3D during the late 80s early 90s, when programmes such as Swivel 3D caused grey hairs all over. - Indeed, I would suggest using Cinema 4D - Adobe don't cut it with rendering performance.

Joe Bloggs said: Illustrator updates have always generally been spartan. Illustrator 3D funktion had some potential back in the days when Intrnet performance was extremely low. You could create simple 3D VECTOR Animations

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