Adobe Portfolio offers simple website design tools to show off your work

Adobe Portfolio has been introduced, presumably replacing the very similar Behance ProSite, and we're sure it won't be long before Creative Cloud members begin creating their own websites using this new service.

The service is aimed at graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, animators, motion-graphics artists and the like - and you can show off both still and motion work.

As with services like Squarespace, Adobe Portfolio offers a chance to build your own responsive portfolio without touching code - using a series of simplified templates and tools to tailor it to your work and brand.

Features include suport for Typekit fonts, password-protected pages to show work-in-progress imagery to clients and analytics - but the killer feature for most users will be that it automatically brings in work from your Behance portfolio.

Launched at Adobe Max last year, Adobe Portfolio was supposed to be available by the end of last year - but what's 25 days between friends It'll be free as part of your Creative Cloud subscription.

Now where's Project Comet?

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