Adobe Photoshop turns 26: chart its history from version 1.0 to CC 2015

Artwork by Virginie Morgand

Feline groovy - Adobe Photoshop CC 2014

There have been four significant updates since the launch of Photoshop CC.

Features in the June 2014 release, CC 2014 (15.0) include smarter smart guides and smart objects, updatable Layer Comps, a colour picker that stays open, full Typekit integration, a searchable font menu with instant font previews on existing text, better blending with Content-Aware tools, the ability to sync more settings to Creative Cloud, and more.

There were four names featured in the splash screen for the 1990 version, while in this latest release, codenamed Single Malt Whiskey Cat, there are so many people in the credit list that you'll need to scroll through them for some time.  

(To view the codenames on a Mac, hold option-command and select About Photoshop when in the application).

A Fuse good men - Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

The latest version of Photoshop sports a new launch dialog, which features a thumbnail or list view of recent files, document presets, and Library contents.

Photoshop CC 2015 links into Fuse CC (above), a new desktop app designed to create and animate realistic 3D models and insert them into Photoshop via the Creative Cloud Library.

26 years young

Photoshop has come a very long way in 25 years. What started out as a simple greyscale image-handling program evolved, and grew in popularity; to 'Photoshop' has become a verb, just proving the cultural reach Knoll's program has today.

Photoshop has changed the way digital images are handled, altering the way in which photographs are created. All that, and it gave us lolcats.

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