Adobe Photoshop CC update adds Select Subject cutout tool and Microsoft Dial Brush settings support

Select a person or animal from an image with one click using the Subject Select tool

Adobe has announced today updates to Photoshop and XD CC. Updates include the ability to change brush settings while you paint using the Microsoft Dial in Photoshop, and designers can now export their XD designs into third-party tools like Zeplin, Avocode and Sympli.

Here we look at the major updates, beginning with what’s new in Photoshop CC.

Windows High-Density support

Photoshop on Windows 10 Creator’s Edition now offers a full range of scale factors for different user interfaces, from 100 percent through to 400 percent, in 25 percent increments.

Photoshop will now automatically adjust itself based on your Windows settings, making it simpler to set up. It also means Photoshop should look crisp and at the right size no matter the density of your monitor.

Improved Microsoft Dial support

Support for the Microsoft Dial is now out of the beta stages, or no longer a 'Technology Preview', and in its full functioning form for all users.

Previously, brush settings in Photoshop could only be changed between brush strokes but now you can use the Microsoft Dial to control opacity and then adjust opacity as you paint.

You can also assign any dynamic control in the Brush Settings Panel to the Dial, including size, roundness, angle, scatter, texture depth, foreground and background colour, flow, wetness and mix, a seen in the video below.

Select Subject tool

Photoshop released its Select Subject tool in November, which allows you to select a person or animal from an image with just one click, using artificial intelligence.

This tool is designed to help you to get started with selecting a subject from an image, but it’s not 100 percent accurate (as you can see in these examples), so you'll probably need to use the Select and Mask tool as well to refine the edges.

See how it works in the video below, or read more about how it works here.

Select and Mask improvements

A decontamination slider has been added to Select and Mask panel, as seen in the image below. You can now control the amount of decontamination applied to any one image. This feature was available in Refine Edge and has now been brought to the Select and Mask workspace.

Better SVG compatibility with XD

Some of you may have found that when copying text with multiple styles and effects from Photoshop, only the first-used style was getting copied to Adobe XD.

But now, Adobe says when you copy and paste SVG from Photoshop to XD, multiple text styles and effects should be supported.

Take a look at the new features added to Adobe XD below. To see all new Adobe XD features, check out Adobe's blog.

Dropbox supports XD file previews

Dropbox now supports native XD file previews on mobile, web and desktop. When you view an XD file saved to Dropbox, a preview will automatically display (as seen here).

Exporting to third-party tools

You can now export XD designs into third-party tools like Zeplin, Avocode and Sympli. These were regarded as high requested workstreams for a designer's working process, and now direct integration should make it a lot easier.

XD now also integrates with ProToPie and Kite Compositor letting designers add advanced animation to their XD prototypes. See this function in the video below. 

Zoom in and out

Designers can now zoom in and out of a canvas with thousands of artboards without compromising the performance. No matter the size of the project, Adobe says designers can now move between screens and across the canvas faster than previous versions.

Watch this function in the video below.

Free UI kits

Adobe XD released five free UI kits in partnership with UI and UX designers to make it easier to get designing apps for different platforms.

The UI kits include options for smart watches, Apple Dashboard, a gaming console UI kit and transportation and travel apps.

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