Adobe gives sneak peek at Illustrator CS6, reveals pattern tools

To celebrate the 25th birthday of Adobe Illustrator, its developer has given a sneak peek at version CS6, which will include pattern design tools.

The pattern design tools are accessed through a new menu item Object > Pattern > Make. This takes you into a new Pattern Creation mode, controlled by a new Pattern Options panel.

You can control the arrangement and distribution of elements, and adjust opacity on the repeated elements so you can edit your original. Adobe says that you access to all of your creative tools.

Patterns can be applied to vector shapes, and you can go back and adjust patterns later.

A video showcasing the new tools from Adobe’s Adobe.TV site can be watched here or below.

Adobe has also posted a video of John Warnock demoing Illustrator 1.1 on a vintage monochrome Mac to an especially impressive musical soundtrack.

The sneak follows the release of a beta version of Photoshop CS6 last week. Illustrator CS6 is due in the first half of 2012, as part of Creative Suite 6 – or as part of the Creative Cloud.

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