Adobe demos new features slated for Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro & more at Adobe Max 2014

Adobe Sneaks 2014

Adobe's Sneaks keynote at Adobe Max 2014 in LA saw Hollywood's very own Joseph Gordon-Levitt take to the stage to help with the unveiling of some of the projects that Adobe has been working on behind the scenes.

Not all of the projects shown off during the keynote will make it into Adobe's Creative Cloud applications, but many will, and some are actually available in beta form already. For example, Content Aware Fill was debuted at Sneaks, as was Perspective Warp and also the Brush app, which was launched as a new CC mobile app this week.

Here, we've listed 12 of the coolest projects shown off at Sneaks this year, including a tool that lets you turn back time in Photoshop, the ability to edit PSD designs in your browser, an “Adobe Magic” tool called Defog to get rid of haze in photographs, a tool that automatically removes pauses from video and a new, simpler Photoshop layout for designers.

You can also find out about the new features that have already made it into the Adobe Creative Cloud update released this week in our 12 best announcements from Adobe Max 2014 article.

Adobe Max 2014 Sneaks: PSD Web Editing

Adobe has been working on a way to allow you to edit a PSD file, even if you don't have Photoshop installed on the machine you're using. As long as you have a Creative Cloud account, you'll be able to edit PSDs from within your web browser if this project that Adobe has been working on behind the scenes becomes a reality.

Using PSD Web Editing, you'll be able to drag and drop a PSD into the web app, which behaves exactly as it would in Photoshop. You can then export your edits as a PSD file to be opened in Photoshop. Plus, Adobe is working to ensure that editing from within the browser is very fast, even with big files.

Watch the sneak being shown off at Adobe Max above.

Adobe Max 2014 Sneaks: Defog

If you often experience haze in your photographs, Photoshop could soon have a built-in solution. You'll be able to remove haze from your photo with the click of a button, and add haze if you decide it would look better with a foggy atmosphere. The same technology can also be used to enhance underwater photos and change the colour of the haze.

This feature got a great reaction from the crowd during the Sneaks keynote, so we wouldn't be surprised to see it in our Photoshop CC application in the near future.

Adobe Max 2014 Sneaks: Project Para

Here's a tool that you can go and try right now at

Project Para allows you to use the power of programming in illustration. Adobe calls it an “experiment using math and geometry to formulaically generate gorgeous art, without having to actually do the math and geometry.”

Adobe Max 2014 Sneaks: Shape Shade

The Shape Shade app shown off at Max 2014's Sneaks keynote lets you pull in shapes and directly manipulate them with your fingers from your tablet. These vector shapes can then be exported directly into Illustrator for further editing.

Adobe Max 2014 Sneaks: Time Of Day

Ever wanted to turn back time in a photograph? Adobe's Time of Day tool allows you to do just that. The company took more than 400 timelapse videos to learn how colours change throughout the day in various places. You can literally scroll through the time of day to change the colouring of your photograph and make it look like it was shot in the early morning or at night, for example.

Adobe Max 2014 Sneaks: Gap Stop

If you've filmed an interview with a particularly hesitant person, you can cut out the ums, ers and pauses and replace them with seamless transitions, rather than nasty jump cuts with Adobe's Gap Stop feature that could come to CC video editing tools in the future. Watch Gap Stop in action in the video below.

Adobe Max 2014 Sneaks: Photoshop for Design

Adobe has recognised that Photoshop's interface is not always the easiest and most efficient for designers, so it has been experimenting with new interfaces that could help change that. One of the new interfaces shown off at sneaks is called Project Recess, and offers a simplified Photoshop interface that can make many design tasks much quicker.

Adobe Max 2014 Sneaks: Visual Speech Editor

If you're fed up of trying to decipher waveforms, Adobe is working on a new, colour-coded Visual Speech Editor that you can see for yourself in the video above.

Adobe Max 2014 Sneaks: Project Beacon

We can't particularly see Project Beacon taking off, but it's a nice idea nonetheless. It uses physical 'beacons' placed around the world on artwork to help Behance users locate nearby artwork. A real-world use case for these beacons could be at a large art gallery, perhaps.

Adobe Max 2014 Sneaks: Live Mobile Development

Creating responsive websites could get a whole lot easier if Adobe decides to launch its Live Mobile Development tool, which helps developers view instant live previews of edited content across lots of different devices at once.

Adobe Max 2014 Sneaks: 3D Photo Magic

Adobe's 3D Photo Magic tool aims to help designers combine images with different perspectives without needing to manipulate 3D models.

Adobe Max 2014 Sneaks: Shaper Tool

The Shaper Tool for Illustrator includes various new ways to draw vectors, as shown in the video above.

Adobe Max 2014 Sneaks: Project Layup

The final sneak is not actually made by Adobe. Instead, it's made by a third-party developer that used Adobe's Creative SDK, which the company has now made available to all developers, to create the Project Layup app. This app lets users use assets from their Creative Cloud Libraries to quickly and easily mockup wireframes. It's also the first mobile app that gives direct access to TypeKit.

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