Adobe has released free vector icons, created by leading designers including the legendary Lance Wyman

Lance Wyman, Anton&Irene and Büro Destruct have created icon sets you can download now.

Adobe is giving lots of wonderful new toys to digital and UX designers. It has let attendees to the Awwwards conference in Berlin have a sneak peek at a new feature coming to the company's groundbreaking digital design software, Adobe XD (which you can watch here at 3.10pm UK time today). And to coincide, it has partnered with three leading design teams to release icon kits that you can able to download now.

Download the full set here.

The first set is by Lance Wyman, the acclaimed graphic designer best known for his iconic logo for the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico (below).

The same circular shapes that underpin that logo - and much of Lance's work - can be found in these icons. They're not just designed to be static, but have been created with animation in mind.

All of the sets are based around the principles of #GoodDesign, and each of the creators has summed up what good design in iconography means to them.

Lance says that "A well-designed icon is 'visual poetry'."

Download Lance's icon set here.

Anton&Irene's advice for creating #GoodDesigns is to "don’t solve the problem too literally - allow yourself space for free-form association in order to come up with something less obvious."

Like Lance, this design duo (above) hail from New York - where they've produced projects for the likes of Google, HTC, USA Today and Wacom. Along the way they've won awards including an Emmy, a Webby, Cannes Lions and, aptly, the Awwwards conference's awards programme. They've also created a beautifully designed app providing unique walks around NYC for both tourists and locals, Urban Walks.

Anton&Irene's icons have been designed with clarity in mind - being simple in shape but also easy to comprehend, while still retaining a cohesion and a sense of personality. UX is underpinned by the principle of 'don't make me think', and these icons meet that challenge without being bland or dull.

Download Anton&Irene's icon set here.

A perfect balance between personality and being easy to 'read' is also found in the final set, by Swedish design studio Büro Destruct. There's something inherently Swedish about this set - or perhaps it just reminds us of Ikea's iconography, and similarly this set can be understood without any mental effort or need for accompanying words.

Each has been created using only two or three lines - one thick and the other(s) thin.

Büro Destruct (above) has created logos, typefaces and identities for brands including Swatch, Pebble and XXL Magazine. The team says that its advice on creating #GoodDesign is to "concentrate on balance. Always try and inject it into your work.” 

Each of the sets has been designed for use with Adobe XD. Built from the ground up for modern app and site design workflows and needs, XD has been growing in power and usability since it was first launched in December 2016 - guided by feedback from and the needs of its users.

Download Büro Destruct's icon set here.

Creative Cloud subscribers can download Adobe XD from their Creative Cloud app - or you can download a trial version here.

What's coming to Adobe XD

Adobe XD's forthcoming support for vector graphics in Creative Cloud libraries allows you to create libraries with icons and illustrations that you've created yourself - or purchased from Adobe Stock. These can be shared across projects, computers and teams to make using them in your project effortless.

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