Adobe Character Animator finally gets keyframes, making live performance a cinch

A sneak peek of Adobe Character Animator 'CC 2020' is here.

The new version of Adobe Character Animator isn't out just yet, but today Adobe has revealed a sneak peek at what's in store once the update (probably) gets released during this year's Adobe MAX conference.

Following in the footsteps of After Effects and Premiere Pro, keyframes are coming to the animating software at long last, as the below video reveals.

With parameters such as position, scale and rotate being keyframable, animators will be able to animate behaviour properties with ease; a raise of the eyebrows here, a stronger blow of breeze there.

With controls appearing in the timeline header, multiple keyframes are possible, and sets of keyframes seem to be easily convertible into triggerable elements at the push of a button.

The inline graph editor gives animators extra control of timings, making Character Animator more adept for real-time editing. 

With live animation performance a growing area in the field, its no surprise Adobe has added these features, but we do wonder whether its time for an Adobe mobile app that makes good use of the latest iPhone TrueDepth cameras?

Let's see what else comes our way during MAX 2019.

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