Adobe announces Custom Toolbars for upcoming ‘Illustrator CC 2019’

Adobe unveils a customisable toolbar feature for the forthcoming update to Illustrator CC.

A newly released video from Adobe has announced that custom toolbars are coming to Illustrator, making it easier than ever to see the complete set of 80+ tools in an easy-to-understand list that groups them by function. 

The new feature will appear in the next version of Illustrator, which going by the company’s usual playbook is expected to be released at the Adobe Max conference in Los Angeles from October 15-17 as part of upgrades to many of its Creative Cloud apps, and is likely to be called Illustrator CC 2019.

As the above video shows, with just a simple drag and drop you'll be able to create custom tool groups that are relevant to you, as well as however many custom toolbars you need based on the project you’re working on.

Naming your custom toolbars in the new Illustrator

Expect more news as we edge closer to Adobe Max 2018 - from which, rest assured, Digital Arts will be bringing you the latest Adobe sneak previews.

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