Adobe Animate replaces Flash Pro

Flash Pro is no more. The latest version of Adobe's animation tool has been redubbed simply Adobe Animate – reflecting that it's used more for creating HTML5 elements more than Flash, and is still popular for non-interactive animation projects including TV shows.

The change was announced last year but the first updated release has only just appeared. Here's what's new:

  • Creative Cloud Libraries
  • Adobe Stock integration for high-quality images, illustrations, and graphics
  • TypeKit support for HTML5 Canvas document type
  • New vector art brushes (below)

  • Improvements to pencil and art brushes
  • Brush Library panel
  • Tagged Swatches
  • Custom templates for HTML5 Canvas documents
  • OAM publishing support for AS3, WebGL, and HTML5 Canvas documents
  • Publish text as outlines in HTML5 Canvas documents
  • Projector support
  • Stage scaling
  • Rotate your stage
  • Import SVG files
  • Enhanced drawing object bounding box
  • Video export to multiple resolutions
  • Contents scale proportionately to stage size
  • Enhanced Onion Skinning
  • HTML5 Canvas improvements

Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers should find the option to install Animate CC in their CC app from today.

In a blog post that announced the change, Adobe credited Flash with “[pushing] the web forward.” But the company also conceded that HTML5, which is friendlier to laptop batteries and not the security nightmare Flash has become, has matured enough to “be the web platform of the future across all devices.”

To that end, Adobe is also releasing an HTML5 video player for desktop browsers.

But Flash isn’t going away. Animate CC will still support Flash creation, along with HTML5, WebGL, 4K video, and SVG. And you’re still going to run into content online that requires Flash Player, such as Facebook games and, yes, even some Flash video. Adobe says that Facebook will be sending back “security information” to Adobe so the company can improve Flash Player’s security. Adobe’s blog post also mentions having worked with “Microsoft and Google to help ensure the ongoing compatibility and security of Flash content” in browsers.

Adobe Muse CC

Adobe has also updated Muse to allow responsive design (above), as well as support for Adobe Stock and Creative Cloud Libraries (below).

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