Adobe adds yet another cut-out tool to Photoshop

Also live drawing preview in Illustrator, XD-style client reviews in InDesign and more.

In what was no doubt meant to be announced yesterday at the now cancelled Adobe MAX Europe event, Creative Cloud comes updated today with a whole load of updates, making for a version of CC that comes with extra charge (but not with the whole new 'battery' reserved for this autumn's release of the new Creative Cloud). In fact, for many of these apps we're looking at the largest set of updates released since the 2019 Adobe MAX held in North America.

Apps with notable updates include Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

Click on each app name to read more or scroll on to discover what's new in Creative Cloud today. Note there are also updates to Premiere Pro which we've featured in this separate video-app round-up.

What's new in Photoshop today

Most of interest to designers using Photoshop on desktop is an update of the Select Subject tool, now with added 'Portrait Power.' As the GIF below shows, this is probably the first time PS users will appreciate the power of Adobe's Sensei AI tool.

Expect more intuition to detect the type of object you're selecting, and then apply new specialised selection techniques per the needs of the content, with a lot of extra focus on getting hair right.

Another addition to Photoshop on desktop is Adobe Fonts Auto-Activation, where all your fonts are now automatically activated when you open a PS document, downloading instantly in the background.

The app's Match Fonts feature meanwhile comes with extra support today for more fonts, vertical text and multiple-line detection.

Photoshop also now has Rotating Patterns to help you easily change the rotation angle of patterns, pattern overlays, and even pattern strokes, all in a non-destructive, easily altered manner.

Those with Photoshop for iPad can now enjoy greater integration with Lightroom's iPad version, while the Adobe Capture app for mobiles or tablets is now available as an extension in the original Photoshop, with easy transfer via the cloud from your device to desktop. You can also play with the newly released Photoshop Camera app for Insta-style photos.

Finally regarding all things iPad, livestreaming your digital painting process is now possible in the Fresco tablet app.

What's new in Illustrator today

Live drawing previews are now possible in Adobe Illustrator (Ai). The latest release maximises your computer’s GPU to render your graphics live as you design — whereas in the past, whether scaling, rotating, or drawing objects, they were rendered only as outlines.

With Live Drawing Preview turned on, your object is rendered as you design, even if you’ve applied gradients, objects, or stroke styles.

Note canvases have now increased in Ai by 100x to more than 5 million square inches of space; you can also cut and paste Artboards across different documents, and Rulers can now be turned on for all documents.

Still no news for Illustrator for iPad (below), which we expect to be released during the virtual Adobe MAX event this October 19th. Catch our review of the beta app from last year.

What's new in InDesign

Finally, XD-style client reviews come to Adobe InDesign. From today, you can now manage the entire review process without ever leaving the app.

Initiate the review process by clicking the 'Share for Review' button, with no need to export your file to a PDF and attach to email. 

Once your team has added their feedback, it goes back into the app, through the new review panel (above). This lets you review, reply to, and resolve feedback, all within
InDesign itself.

Once your stakeholders open a link — one either public, password protected or a link for specific users with Adobe IDs — they can review and provide feedback online, no software downloads needed. Very useful indeed, although it should be noted Corel beat Adobe here by a year with the similar extension now bundled with the software of the same name.

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