Adobe has launched Workspaces, a new collaboration service that lets groups based in many locations work together on projects. With Workspaces, team members can store and organize project content online, and share and manage team access to files.

Adobe says that in a few clicks, people can create Workspaces, store and share documents, and convert files to PDF. Teams can also meet in real-time and share their screens using Adobe ConnectNow, or create documents and tables with online office applications, such as Buzzword and Tables. Workspaces are built on the Adobe Flash Platform and operate inside a web browser. Apart from the Adobe Flash Player, no additional software installation is required, which is designed to it easy and convenient for teams to start collaborating.

Teams can create Shared Workspaces to store and share a set of files related to a project, letting team members work together across times zones and firewalls, with no special file sharing software or IT involvement necessary. Adobe says that Workspaces help increase the productivity of project teams by letting members efficiently work together through central, easy-to-use Workspaces. Users simply access an online Workspace to review and collaborate on documents. Workspace administration privileges can be assigned to specific team members, to help maintain control over who has what level of access to each project’s documents. Each individual also has their own Personal Workspace on to store and work on documents before they are ready to be shared with a broader team. users in UK can create one free Shared Workspace. A subscription service with multiple Workspaces has been launched in the US, but Adobe has not said when this will be offered to UK customers.