• Microsoft redesigns Xbox 360 dashboard

    Microsoft is reworking the interface for its Xbox Live service, which is the largest social network of its kind with 14 million members. With the 'New Xbox Experience' the Xbox 360's entire interface has been reworked and streamlined, specifically in regards to Xbox Live.

  • Microsoft denies Xbox 360 Blu-ray report

    "As we've said before, Microsoft has no plans to introduce an Xbox 360 Blu-ray add-on," a Microsoft representative told GamePro on Thursday, killing persistent rumors suggesting otherwise. "Games are what drive consumers to purchase game consoles, and we remain focused on providing the largest library of blockbuster games available."

  • Gadget review: Kodak's Zi6 pocket camcorder

    Carting a camcorder with you has become a whole lot easier, thanks to pocket-sized digital camcorders such as Pure Digital Technologies' Flip Ultra and Flip Mino. These inexpensive cameras are not only drop-dead easy to use -- push a button to record and another to play -- but produce video acceptable for posting to sites such as YouTube and Facebook. Recently, Kodak entered this market with its diminutive pocket camcorder, the Zi6.

  • EXHIBITION: The Man with the Kaleidoscope Eyes

    The man behind seminal 1960s and 1970s artwork for the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Elton John and the Who receives his first UK retrospective in an exhibition opening tomorrow (October 10) at the Design Museum.

  • Creatives submit claims for copyright payout

    Illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, artists and other visual creatives have just over a week remaining to submit their claims for a share in this year's Payback royalties from the Design and Artists Copyright Society.

  • Mozilla locks in Firefox 3.1 feature list

    Mozilla will use a several-week delay it recently added to the Firefox 3.1 schedule to build a private browsing mode and beef up the browser's address bar, the company said today. Three weeks ago, the company said it would insert four to five more weeks into the timetable, part of a reaction to changes in the browser market, including the introduction by Google of its Chrome browser. Then, Mozilla said it would probably use the time to add a privacy mode and to punch up its TraceMonkey JavaScript engine performance.

  • Digidesign previews Pro Tools 8

    Digidesign used last weekend's Audio Engineering Society conference in San Francisco to debut the new version of its professional audio software, Pro Tools.

  • Upcoming PHP 5.3 beefs up security

    PHP security guru Stefan Esser recently posted on some of the changes and important security issues that are likely to have significant effects for the everyday PHP coder (and user) with the release of the upcoming PHP 5.3.

  • LaCie 5big Network drive features 7.5TB of storage

    LaCie has introduced its 5big Network, a network attached storage (NAS) system for Macs and PCs. The system can accommodate up to 7.5 terabytes (TB) of storage capacity and will be available this month starting at £577.77 plus VAT, or US$899.

  • Blue Room changes History around the world

    On the heels of their refresh of the US-based History TV network refresh earlier this year, Blue Room has been tapped to create an international version of the graphics package. AETN International, the international sales division of History, turned to the New York-based creative services agency to convert all domestic History refresh graphics to international formats and standards taking into account multiple time zones, languages, different alphabets and alphabets that read right to left.

  • HSC Edit for Aperture adds photo resizing

    Human Software has released Edit 1.5 for Aperture, an update to its plug-in suite for Apple's pro photo software. It costs US$299.95 (£169) for the full suite, or you can purchase the plug-ins individually.

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