One of the most highly-anticipated videogame releases this year is Capcom’s Resident Evil 5, which features extensive work from the design and animation studio yU+co. The company directed and designed 60-minutes of extensive 3D animated cinematics, as well as created the game’s main title sequence and logo.

Watch the trailer for Resident Evil 5 here (warning, contains scenes not suitable for children).

The project initially came to yU+co from Just Cause, a production company based in Marina Del Rey and Tokyo that specializes cinematic production, motion capture and action stunt work for videogames. According to Reuben Langdon, actor/producer/director at Just Cause, they came to yU+co because they were looking for a more distinctly Hollywood-action film feel for this project.

"We were looking for a Hollywood director to handle the cinematic portions of RE: 5 -- someone up-and-coming, yet somewhat established," Langdon said. "We knew yU+co’s work and have wanted to work with them in the past but the right project had not presented itself. We needed a company that could craft the creative aspects of this project and it was immediately obvious that this was the right project for both of us."